What's New

Effective September 27th, ICLUBcentral is pleased to announce that StockCentral has been upgraded with MyStockPortfolio functionality.

As part of this transition, all MyStockPortfolio subscribers now have access to StockCentral, and MyStockPortfolio will no longer exist separately (i.e. as a standalone product).

However, none of the portfolio record keeping features are going away – all MyStockPortfolio functionality and user data has been migrated to StockCentral as part of the change.

Subscribers to the former MyStockPortfolio will have the remaining term of their MyStockPortfolio subscription has been transferred to a StockCentral subscription on a month-for-month basis, either as a new StockCentral subscription or as an extension to your existing StockCentral subscription.

These users now have access to all of the features and functionality of the StockCentral website. In addition to portfolio record keeping, StockCentral includes a stock screener, company ratio analyzer, message boards, sector and industry averages, and many more features.

Current subscribers of StockCentral now have access to complete recordkeeping and portfolio management features at no additional charge.

How to Access StockCentral.com and Your Portfolios

If you have ever had a user name and password to access StockCentral as a trial user or with a full subscription, you will now use those same credentials to access StockCentral.com.

If you have never had a user name and password for StockCentral, you will use your MyStockPortfolio user name and password.

Once you have logged in to StockCentral.com, your portfolios can be found by selecting the Portfolio link in the Tools & Analysis tab. Your portfolios are also available from the StockCentral.com Home Page in the Portfolio box.

The names of your portfolios will reflect whether each Portfolio originated on MyStockPortfolio.com or StockCentral.com. This will help customers who might have similarly-named portfolios on both websites. Once you are comfortable with the transition, you may edit the names of your portfolios as desired.

The Portfolio module on StockCentral.com utilizes the same user interface as it did on MyStockPortfolio.com, with the same menus and organization. The only notable change is that Reports now include a Take Stock view, a fundamental-based report based on the Take Stock methodology used on StockCentral.com.

In the future, to continue access to your Portfolios, renew your StockCentral subscription.

What to Do If You Have Problems or Questions

Our customer support team is standing by to assist you with any questions you might have, or to assist you in determining the correct user name and password to use. You may reach us online or by phone at 1-877-33-ICLUB during regular business hours.

We believe you will enjoy this new functionality. Thank you for being a subscriber!