The Portfolio tool is a full-featured portfolio management tool. It allows investors to keep track of all of their investment transactions -- for stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, cash, and even investment clubs! In fact, you can keep track of any asset you wish to use in the program.

Besides providing all of the necessary recordkeeping that investors needs, our Portfolio tool excels at providing deep portfolio metrics and reports for your stock holdings. Our reports give you greater levels of detail than you can get just about anywhere else, so you can review the diversification of your portfolio by asset class, industry and sector, company size, EPS growth rates, or market cap. You can get details reports of the fundamentals of your stocks based on the investing techniques taught by BetterInvesting.

Our Alerts function gives you updates when stocks report EPS, issue dividends, or split their shares.

Our reports provide robust graphs in addition to the data. You can choose to display information in reports for all, selected, or a single portfolio.

You can set up multiple watch lists to keep tabs on stocks of interest, as well.

This is just a small sampling of all that our tool can do for you! We've got plans for future enhancements to the program as well as for integration with our other tools for investors, so stay tuned.