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StockCentral :: Ratio Analyzer

Comparative ratio analysis of data reported in a company's annual and quarterly reports helps you identify and quantify a company's strengths and weaknesses, evaluate its financial position, and understand any risks you may be taking by investing in it.

The Ratio Analyzer began as a spreadsheet tool, created by Bob Adams, for analyzing Annual Report data and has graduated to an online tool. To determine the important data and how to judge the results of an analysis, various books, authored by Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and others were researched in the initial development of this tool.  "What does the author look for when studying the Annual Report" was the question in mind while doing the research, and has resulted in the StockCentral Ratio Analyzer. Primarily designed to analyze companies in manufacturing and retail industries, this tool suggests when changes to data normally filed in a company's annual and quarterly reports are good, bad or show warning signs through color coded boxes and appropriate verbiage.

Below is a preview of our Ratio Analyzer.  You must be a registered user to access this functionality, you can sign up for a free 45-day trial anytime!

Preview of the Ratio Analyzer

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