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StockCentral's Learning Library contains a variety of documents to help with your investing education. You can browse the entire library, select from categories, and sort by different criteria to explore the library and find the document(s) that you need.

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"Take Stock" 3rd Edition, Sample Chapter

Take Stock tells you exactly how a "normal person" like you -- regardless of education or experience -- can invest successfully. Designed for beginners but beneficial to all fundamental long term investors, Take Stock is an important addition to your investing library. Comprehensive yet easy to understand,Take Stock starts with the basics -- everything from learning financial terminology to basic price evaluation

Download and read this free sample chapter from the book and see for yourself how Take Stock can help you invest in the stock market!

File size 5176 K
Downloads 292
Date Tue 06/10/2014 @ 09:52
Author Doug Gerlach

"Take Stock" Group Sales Order Form

Take advantage of our group sales program to purchase copies of our popular "Take Stock" book at a discount. For clubs or other groups who purchase five or more copies, pay just $19.99 (plus $1.99 shipping & handling) per copy, instead of the single copy price of $29.99 (plus $6.99 shipping & handling). Use this order form to place your order.

File size 251 K
Downloads 30
Date Wed 11/16/2011 @ 07:57
Author Doug Gerlach

Analyzing Bank Stocks

Analyzing bank stocks presents a few additional challenges to investors than manafacturing or service companies. In this article, Amy Rauch-Neilson interviews Bob Adams who provides a framework for studying stocks in the banking industry.

File size 84 K
Downloads 416
Date Wed 05/19/2010 @ 03:13
Author Doug Gerlach

Closing your Investment Club Books at Year-End

This presentation from ICLUBcentral shows you how to close your club's books and file your tax returns.

*If you cannot open this file after saving it to your computer you will need to download and install the free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft

File size 1460 K
Downloads 560
Date Thu 02/14/2008 @ 11:13
Author ICLUBcentral, Inc.

ICLUBcentral Fact Sheet

ICLUBcentral Inc. Fact Sheet. ICLUBcentral is the parent of

File size 55 K
Downloads 203
Date Tue 05/01/2012 @ 11:00
Author Doug Gerlach

ICLUBcentral Price List

ICLUBcentral price list as of February 2, 2011, with StockCentral member discounts. Print this single-page document and distribute it at club meetings or other educational events to introduce people to ICLUBcentral's products.

File size 17 K
Downloads 522
Date Tue 02/01/2011 @ 03:55
Author ICLUBcentral, Inc.

Investment Club Annual Audit Checklist

Each year, investment clubs should convene an Audit Committee of members who shall review the
club’s records to ensure accuracy and best practices. The following checklist, based on a worksheet
developed by Herb Barnett, is designed to assist the treasurer and audit committee in carrying
out the year-end club audit.

Amy Rauch-Neilson discusses the annual audit in her "Join the Club" column.  You can find it here.

File size 40 K
Downloads 526
Date Thu 07/31/2008 @ 11:03
Author StockCentral Host

Invite StockCentral Founder Doug Gerlach to Speak at Your Event

Douglas Gerlach is the primary product evangelist for ICLUBcentral Inc., makers of software for individual investors and investment clubs, and the founder of, an interactive community and tools web site for investors. Doug is a popular speaker on such topics as online investing, getting started in the stock market, and running a successful investment club, Gerlach has spoken at events from Honolulu to Berlin, for such organizations as the National Education Association, National Investor Relations Institute, and Charles Schwab, as well as at personal finance conferences organized by CNBC, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Morningstar, BetterInvesting and Oregon Public Broadcasting. He has taught at investor events in more than 60 cities across the US, where his skill in explaining often-complex concepts with humor, energy, and clarity helps to turn beginning investors into smart investors.

File size 702 K
Downloads 42
Date Wed 05/19/2010 @ 03:00
Author Doug Gerlach

MyICLUB Handout

This single-page handout introduces myICLUB, a site for investment clubs.  Print and distribute at club meetings or other educational events, or events that focus on investment clubs.

File size 1298 K
Downloads 441
Date Tue 09/25/2007 @ 11:34
Author ICLUBcentral, Inc.

Questions for Your Financial Future

Ralph Seger offers this PowerPoint presentation that asks some provocative questions about your investing knowlege.  Pondering the answers to these questions might have a positive effect on your financial future.

File size 336 K
Downloads 685
Date Tue 09/25/2007 @ 11:38
Author Ralph Seger, Jr.

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