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Company - Enter a ticker to view a Company Report with up to ten years of historical fundamental and price data for more than 7,700 publicly traded U.S. companies, or download *.SSG formatted files into our Windows-based stock analysis software: Toolkit 6, Stock Analyst, or Classic Plus. The reports use fully-diluted, normalized EPS from continuing operations, helping you to evaluate a company's past performance without the impact of non-recurring items on the bottom line. This approach gives investors an edge when projecting future growth and can make all the difference in your overall analysis.

Toolkit 6 and Stock Analyst can download and update *.SSG files directly into the software. For other software, you can download *.SSG data files manually from the link on the Company Report. (If you use Investor's Toolkit, we encourage you to watch the Integrating Toolkit 6 with StockCentral video, available on the webinar page of for more information on configuring and using Toolkit with StockCentral's .SSG data service.) More complete instructions are provided on the StockCentral FAQ page, along with detailed information about our earnings normalization process, sector and industry breakdowns, and more. Please report any problems that you find or ask any questions that you have in The Infirmary forum.


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